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The Goal is "To Ensure a High Level of Protection for Human Health and the Environment"... but what does that mean?

This white paper is aimed at providing EHS compliance professionals with an introduction to the EU's REACH Regulation (or simply know as "REACH"), where it is today, and some of the key developments relating to it that we can expect in the coming years. REACH is a huge and complex topic and we hope this document will be a clear refresher, or a detailed introduction for you. Many people call REACH the most stringent and complex chemical legislation in the world and we should remember that REACH alone is over 500 pages long and with all the guidance documents and its sister regulations it is a challenge to provide a clear summation. This publication will include:

  • an introduction into the concept behind the EU's REACH Regulation.
  • an examination of the status of "Articles".
  • a look at some of the future changes we can expect around chemicals legislation including the newly-adopted provisions regarding Anti-Poison Centre Notifications.
  • a look at some similar laws emulating REACH in other parts of the world.

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