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Does adopting an EHS Management System improve your environmental/safety performance?

A joint publication from Enhesa and Gensuite examining best practices for meeting the needs of Legal Registers within EHS Management System Standards (new ISO 45001 and recently updated ISO 14001)
More specifically, this publication will examine the following issues:

  • The development of ISO 45001 and recent revision of ISO 14001 and the provisions therein regarding compliance with legal requirements
  • The traditional Legal Register vs. Auditing approach
  • The capabilities and opportunities brought by providers of global regulatory analysis, combined with technology applications
  • The new paradigm: Ongoing Compliance Management
  • How Gensuite’s new functionality—with Enhesa content—can help to address these challenges
  • Practical examples on how to use Enhesa regulatory intelligence within Gensuite
  • Demonstrate the clear correlation between adopting a management system standard and the environmental/safety performance of your organization

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