on Demand Webcast!

The Coronavirus is the latest pandemic to spark fears of a health crisis around the globe. The virus is affecting everything, from sporting events to international travel and even everyday business operationsThere is no one on the planet – yes, the planet Earth – and no industry that can escape the effects of this widespread virus.  

As an employer you have the duty to look after the health and safety of your employees. The emergence of Coronavirus is a harsh reminder that you must comply with occupational health and safety requirements for your facilities around the globe. If you work for a multinational company, it is wise to keep up to date on developments, both mandatory and voluntary/best practice as they pertain to this virus.  

In this Enhesa On-Demand Webcast, one of our experts will provide you with:  

  • Best practices for employers as they relate to business continuity; 
  • Employer responsibilities around the globe; and
  • Trends to keep track of

This informative webcast is meant to provide insight to employers as they navigate mandatory measures that arise and best practices to employ to keep employees safe and business operations flowing. 


Elaine Ye, EHS Regulatory Consultant  

Jessica Sarnowski, Senior Content Marketing Manager