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Coronavirus is spreading, quite literally, around the globe. With measures constantly changing globally in response to the Covid-19 virus, we acknowledge how difficult it is for the EHS/SHE community to stay up-to-date and on top of regulations. At Enhesa, staying on top of regulations always has been our priority. In this virus pandemic, we are gearing up in order to support organizations in the best possible way. That is why we have decided to start distributing free of charge all Covid-19 related Regulatory Forecaster Service content as broadly as we possibly can within the community. We currently send regulatory updates via email to anyone interested weekly and will continue to do so until the tide of the Coronavirus pandemic turns.

Want to stay up-to-date on mandatory measures you may have to take, as well as best practices to keep your employees safe and your operations moving forward? Be a leader in your industry and subscribe* to our Coronavirus mailing list. Keep the health and safety of your employees as your highest priority.

*Please note we have the right to withhold subscribers from the list like non-professional email addresses.

Coronavirus Updates Mailing List