Does compliance with EHS laws fit into your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy?

In a new publication, Enhesa Regulatory Consultant, Karolina Wrzecionkowska, seeks to answer this question, and more.

EHS compliance is not merely an option - it is a must.
Similarly, the notions of CSR and business sustainability continue to gain traction as key corporate initiatives. What if you could do both - manage your regulatory compliance risk and grow your business in a responsible, sustainable manner? This publication argues that by adopting a risk-management strategy with a strong triple bottom line focus, organizations have the potential to enhance both. Furthermore, the paper explains the very many viewpoints of the evolution of corporate citizenship and its alignment with the objectives of EHS compliance/

Finally, the publication outlines potential solutions on how to develop a framework to successfully manage existing and emerging CSR and EHS risks while realizing the company's strategic priorities.

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